D.J. has 14 years of experience in the school safety profession. He spent several years working inside a middle school with responsibility for 4 elementary schools. He worked inside the largest high school in the State of Indiana, with over 5,000 students in a school over a million sq. ft. in size. He also supervised a School Resource Officer Unit while working with the school district to pass a local referendum that increased the SRO program from 5 to 21 members. He worked alongside school officials in developing safety plans for the district and the 15 schools. D.J. has trained thousands of students, staff, parents, and community members on principles of school safety. He helped develop two different apps for SROs as well as a vulnerability assessment program. 

As a Past President of the National Association of School Resource Officers, D.J. has gained extensive knowledge of CPTED, active threat response, threat assessments, and first-hand experiences with acts of violence. 

D.J.’s passion is to take the value that has been added to his own life and share that to help you assess your building, processes, and programs, then establish a plan to improve the overall safety and culture of your school, SRO program, business, or church. 

Services Provided:

Vulnerability Assessments
Event Safety Planning and Direction
Emergency Operations Plan
Review and Development
Memorandum Of Understanding
Review and Development
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